This is one of the biggest undertakings of your life, and the decisions you make from here forward will impact the final outcome of your dream home.


Planning: It's easier to erase a line than move a wall.

Thorough Planning

It is the biggest undertaking of your lives. It will require a major investment of your time, energy and financial resources. And when it's done, you want to love it!

It all begins with thorough planning.
We believe that if every phase of the project ' including lighting, electrical, kitchen design, flooring, appliances and plumbing - is planned down to the last detail, there will be few surprises. All specs and allowances are determined based upon your budget and itemized before you go to contract. You'll begin building with a realistic estimate that should come close to the actual construction cost (baring significant changes once building in underway). The house Raphael Homes builds will be fully equipped, without all the unexpected overcharges for "extras" that should have been incorporated into the original budget.


If you're working with an architect, you and Rick will go over your floor plan in complete detail. If not, you'll discuss the elements you'd like included in your home. Rick will research existing plans and offer several for consideration.


You'll sign an agreement that authorizes Raphael Homes to proceed to blueprint stage. There is a fee for the design work, which entitles you to architectural drawings, building specification, pricing, and administrative services. This fee is part of the total cost to build your home.f you're working with an architect, you and Rick will go over your floor plan in complete detail. If not, you'll discuss the elements you'd like included in your home. Rick will research existing plans and offer several for consideration.


When you are ready to move to construction, you and Raphael Homes sign a contract that includes the construction price, full specifications, responsibilities and liabilities of both parties. As soon as you obtain financing and settle, construction can begin. Rick serves as your general contractor, filing for permits, hiring and supervising all subcontractors, purchasing materials, and performing quality inspections.


How extensive is our planning process?

We like to get involved as early as possible, to offer input and ideas about the best way to approach construction. We'll tell you what can and can't be done. We refuse to make promises we can't deliver. We won't make decisions for you, but can provide guidance based on our years of experience. Our job is not simply to execute what is on the blueprints, but to act as a resource and partner in the process. We'll work closely with you and your architect to make sure that we share the same vision, and that your new construction or renovation is everything you dreamed it would be.

How do you inform clients of what's going on?

We'll talk frequently, sometimes daily, during each phase of construction. We are always available to meet with you to answer questions and encourage you to call anytime. You'll receive selections sheets for approval throughout construction. We document all changes for your approval before work proceeds. We also have several walk-throughs during construction so you can see how we've implemented what's on the plans and make adjustments.

Who actually oversees each phase of the work?

Rick Raphael personally oversees each phase of your job. He is at your construction site regularly, and inspects the work of every subcontractor. We use the same high quality subs on every project, so we know them and they know what we expect. We do not "fill in" with whoever is available, because they might not meet our quality standards.

How do you handle bumps in the process?

No matter how well you plan, bumps are inevitable. You'll find that we approach them rationally, honestly and swiftly. If we make a mistake, we fix it. If you want to make changes mid-stream, we will explain how they will affect your pricing and timetable.

What is your "on time-on budget" record?

Our clients will tell you that we meet or exceed our deadlines. Because we know that you're eager to resume your normal daily activities in your new home. However, quality is our top priority, so we allot sufficient time to do the job right. We quote prices based on architects specs and allowances. If you go beyond those allowances or make changes during construction, original pricing will be updated to reflect your changes.

What is your service policy?

Raphael Homes stands behind our workmanship 100% for a full year.

How do I know when the builder is "right"?

Call it gut instinct- it's tangible, but it's crucial, that you trust and have confidence in your builder. You need to feel comfortable that he views this as a partnership and respects your input. You want to know that he can handle that bumps professionally and deliver what you've agreed to. You'll be working together frequently, so if there is any doubt in your mind, move on.



Clients always want to know how long the process will take. It's as individual as the design of your home. Like everything else in the process, you'll discuss timeframes in detail at contract., so you'll know what to expect.
Raphael Homes prides themselves on meeting prescribed deliverable dates; we consider all the factors before developing the schedule. Assuming that no major changes occur once construction is underway, and barring any extraordinary "Acts of God", you can expect to occupy your new home on schedule.

Start Your Custom Home Building Journey Today!

The Raphael Homes approach is simple: Plan well, Talk Regularly, and Put Quality First. We know how much this investment means to you, and we do our utmost to make the process a smooth and successful one - let's get together now.


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